There are also a whole lot more strategies and

Ault knew apathy wasn’t going to help beat Montana, UNLV, Idaho or Boise State or boost his limited budget. That’s why Dr. Aultenstein, when given the keys to the athletic department in July 1986, immediately gathered all the best parts of the Wolf Pack fan base a loyalty to the silver and blue, a love for the community and a disdain for anything and everything that wasn’t Battle Born and gave it a heartbeat with Blue Thunder..

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My parents were caught up in an ongoing, relentless war to prove that the other parent was responsible for all the bad things in the marriage. Similarly, the Democrats and Republicans are caught up an ongoing, relentless war to prove that the other party is responsible for all the bad things in the United States. Sadly, like my parents, neither party is taking care of what our country needs right now, peace and true caring about what we, the citizens, need..

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